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16 Signs You Might Be Insulin Resistant

  Elevated blood sugar. A fasting blood sugar level greater than 80 mg/dL (5.4mmol/L) indicates insulin resistance. Hypoglycemia. Are you hangry? Getting the shakes or headaches in between meals is a sign you’re insulin resistant. Elevated triglyceride levels. Sleepiness, particularly after a meal. Abdominal obesity. As the waist grows larger, insulin becomes increasingly ineffective in your body, therefore levels of this hormone rise… which causes weight gain.  It’s an endless cycle.  Keep in mind though that thin people can still be insulin resistant. Fatty liver (elevated liver enzymes). Frequent hunger and cravings for sugar or carbohydrate rich foods. People with high blood insulin are hungry and nothing will satisfy their appetite like carbs! High blood pressure.  (Insulin resistance is one...

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