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Frequently asked questions for Zest 4 Life CrossFit/Lite Training

What is the sign-up process?

For your convenience, the sign up process is done online.  Once you’ve registered a confirmation email will be sent to you and you will have access to your own online profile.

What kind of people go to training sessions?

They are people just like you. Someone who needs a little push to jump-start their fitness and wellness program. Some exercise experience is needed to ensure your safety and a better flow of class. We focus on form and technique to assist you in being as efficient as possible.

What is a typical workout like?

Programs start with a suitable warm and progress to a session that could be either focusing on strength or technique.Thereafter a workout is completed that could take on various form of metabolic conditioning , strength etc.You can expect some short-distance running, Olympic weight training, gymnastics, core training, plyometrics and metabolic conditioning  At XF we eat clean and train dirty .We teach you a great deal about proper form, teamwork and core stability.

Will I be sore sometimes?

Most people feel some soreness for the first 2-3 days. After that point, it is slight to moderate. It's part of the process that lets you improve and an indication that you are getting a good workout!

What do I need to bring to training sessions?

You will need to bring a an exercise mat for outdoor sessions. All other equipment is provided .Thick, padded mats are better than thin mats .This only applies to our outdoor venues.  Some locations may use additional exercise equipment, but this will be provided for at the box. You will also want to bring water to keep yourself hydrated. Optional items are a sweat towel and gloves and a hat in winter. Dress in a layered fashion... even if it is chilly, you will get warm very fast!