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Laughter Therapy
Laughter and Happiness are the "holy grail of mankind". When you feel amazing on the inside everything around you on the outside looks different.

This workshop will shift you into a new dimension of happiness and relieve stress in an instant. The workshop is fun, the team gets to laugh hysterically without any reason at all, feel good from the inside out, and get real "take away" information on how this can be used in their everyday life both at home and at work.

  • The brief is really simple; teams get to experience inner childlike joy and happiness and tap into their laughter mechanism that they had long forgotten.
  • We learn to walk again on sunshine with a smile and a laugh in your step.
  • It takes a willingness to diffuse challenge in your lif and a desire to be so very happy again.
How does it work?

The workshops range in time form a half an hour energy booster session to a full day trans formative program.


  • We start with warming up the team through breathing exercise.
  • The facilitator will then demonstrate and get the team to participate in waking up to sunshine every morning with a walk of joy and attitude.
  • The team will then be taken through a brief on how our thoughts and feelings are responsible for creating our current mental states which impact on our productivity levels, our energy levels, our health and our ability to be the "BEST" we can be.
  • Tips and tools are demonstrated on how the can be done in the session as well as long after the session is over.
  • Laughter therapy is explained as well as how the team will participate in it.
  • A hysterical and really fun laughter session is then done by the entire team.
Terms and Conditions:
The price per item is for a maximum time allocated of 1 hour and 30 minutes and excludes travelling, accommodation and sound.

For more info contact 0662348226