SKN Advanced Clearer Skin Kit

SKN Advanced Clearer Skin Kit

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All inclusive ADVANCED CLEARER SKIN kit contains full size products:

*Eye Revitalize


*Charcoal Detox Masque

*Exfoliate Enzymatic

*Remove Pre-Cleanser, and FREE Mask brush, Gauze & Facial Sponges.


Problematic Indicators:

Problematic skin types

Inflammation and blemishes

Acne prone and prone to breakouts Blackheads (comedones) and white heads (milia).

Uneven texture.

Congestion in skin.

Enlarged pores


Caused by:
Abnormal build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin due to reduce shedding.
Over production of sebum and thicker consistency of sebum causes enlarged pores, oiliness, uneven texture and breakouts.
As a result of the surface blockage, it provides a favourable environment for acne to survive and breed.
Due to irritation within the follicle caused by bacteria the skin becomes inflamed.


The Sknlogic Advanced Skin Care Kit takes skin health to the next level.The products are designed to combat specific skin care conditions.Kit as per skin condition: Acne/Problematic,  Dark Spot,  Age Defence.These kits should be used in combination with the Essentials Kit for your specific skin type.

All Products can be bought seperately.

(Remember to first add your Essential Skin Care Kit/Products)