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Field of dreams Business Incubator -National Agents

How would you like to run one of our finest nutrition supplement concepts? This is an exciting position for a self-starter who is organised, hardworking and inter personally skilled.
Due to the rapid growth, high client database, and 1 on 1 meetings and excellent service that our valued potential CLIENTS deserve, it is with great enthusiasm that we are providing you with an opportunity to run your own agency. If you are interested in a long term career opportunity and willing to walk the extra mile for our clients, then you are welcome to forward us a rundown, proposal or visual presentation of what our clients can expect from you. Please note that limited consultants will be considered for all provinces. Download, read, study and complete “Field of dreams – Agency Appointment”, and forward completed Agency Appointment as well as your proposal to  if countersigned appointment is not received by yourself, please consider application as unsuccessful.
How it works
• We take you by the hand and show you the ropes
• We build a campaign around you- free lessons in social media, network marking and the use of google
Dr Charles Lubbe has been successfully designing and delivering corporate team and management development programmes since 1996.

If there is mutual suitability, we have the capability to train and license operators with our unique marketing approach. The licensing process includes extensive training, accreditation and rollout packages that are tailored to suit the target market and selected approaches.. We set you up for success!!!

Our platform and business support looks after the hassle letting you focus on what you're best at.

Who are you?
• You're keen to be part of a larger business family while maintaining your autonomy
• you have a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of people you meet
• you believe in delivering solutions that benefit your clients
• you believe that your clients are very similar in wants and needs to you
• you never want to feel like you're working for no reason again
• you have a playful side
• And for us the most important... you want to live your life from your heart and not your head.
• Oh!! and you want to earn a sizeable income while enjoying what you're doing


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