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How to start on the Big Breakfast

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Big Breakfast has as its main and only objective returning your youth by correcting health. A life with regulated blood sugar, and the ability to die healthy with a daily new found zest for life.

Your first actions : Focus on belief, environment and nutrition. All are equal in priority

1.Find the reason why and make sure its big enough to at least sustain your journey for the first 8 weeks.

2.Pay attention to your next five meals and see how much white(pasta, rice,bread, sugar, pap) it contains.Remove the white and replace with simple greens- lettuce, broccoli , cucumber, avocados  etc
3. Add butter, lard and olive oil to everything
4.If you were told you weren't allowed to eat it, now is your chance- butter,cream,cheese,avocado, eggs, bacon,chicken skin , pork belly , broth steak fat etc
5. If you think it has sugar it has, avoid it( fruits, fruit juice and anything that says low fat,lite or approved by the heart foundation
6. Add a handful of protein to all meals. Fish,chicken,meat, visceral meats etc
7. Throw out all your vegetable oil and replace with butter, lard and olive oil
8. You're going to get thirsty, drink when thirsty and develop a passion for water.
9. Weight loss is an added benefit - health is the main
10. Breakfast to satiety is the key to your new found habits and  the key to your success
11.Don't rush out and buy anything new to you unless its green or fresh

12. I cannot over emphasize the importance of sunlight on your face in the morning and reducing artificial light at night. More about this later

Enjoy the ride.‚ėļ

There is a marked improvement in the success rate of people who create habits that support great behaviour . The big breakfast is a habit that assists your success.

1. It stabilises your blood sugar and up regulates fat release
2. It removes the need for insulin to be increased to remove excess glucose
3. Glucose is toxic to your blood and shortens your life span
4. It provides you with time to think about you instead of food
5. It removes and reduces inflammation
6. It forces you to make great nutrition choices
7. It increases energy transfer between your cells - makes you younger
8. It accelerates fat loss by up regulating fat releasing hormones
9. It increases energy levels by up regulating ketone production
10. Its the one thing you can do that will take 20% effort but give you 80% of your results. Champions do breakfast to satiety


This is how. The principles of the Big Breakfast

The principles of the Big Breakfast
1. Main priority is stabilizing blood sugar( removing carbs) and removing hunger by getting the body to provide fuel ( ketones) through releasing fat and correcting your weight.
2.To do this we eat breakfast to satiety, and we know we have eaten to satiety if we are not hungry for 6-8 hrs
3. The elements of the Big breakfast 30g nett protein ( thats about 100g raw weight ) and 60-80g fat if you can
4. Typically this is an avocado, handful of bacon, 2-3 eggs and 2-3 tbsp's of butter. (First the avocado)
5. You will know that its working if you do not get hungry for 6-8 hrs, have excess energy in the afternoon and approach dinner less than hungry.
6.Dinner is typically a handful (palm size protein ) with a cup or two of veg or salad.
7. We do not cut calories, we eat to lose by eating high quality calories. (Cut the carbs)
8. We do not do replica foods or foods that remind us of the habits we are changing

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